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Normalizing Makes Your Company More Attractive to Potential Buyers

Playwright Oscar Wilde observed that “only shallow people don’t judge by appearance.” This facetious remark is actually quite valid when it comes to the sale of a business. The appearance of your company — particularly the presentation of your financial statements — can very well determine whether you receive a fair market price. Often, the financial statements of small and mid-sized businesses misrepresent a company’s profitability because various accounting methods are used to reduce income and minimize taxes. Also, owners and family members may receive compensation and other perks that cut into reported profitability. An M&A advisor will therefore usually recommend “normalizing” or adjusting financials when you prepare your business for sale.


3 Steps to Prepare Your Business for an Acquisition

If an acquisition is one of your growth objectives in the new year, are you taking the right steps to ensure your business is prepared? Not only is it important to consider how an acquisition will help meet your overall business goals – which should always be discussed during the strategic planning process – but proper planning is also a key factor to ensure a successful transaction. Consider these three key steps to help prepare your business for a buy-side transaction.