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Challenges of International M&A Deals

Once a rarity, international mergers and acquisitions have become a regularity as overseas companies look to stake their claim in hot regions and sectors in the United States. If your company is in the market to start the M&A process, it may encounter some surprising international suitors. Domestic deals can be risky and fragile, but cross-border M&As have even more ways to fall apart. Sellers interested in attracting a foreign buyer and actually completing a deal must address the buyer’s needs and help them overcome any cultural hurdles they encounter. The M&A advisors and licensed investment bankers at Doeren Mayhew Capital Advisors offer some insight.


First Half of 2014 Best for M&A in 3 Years

Positive predictions that 2014 would be a good year in mergers and acquisitions are holding true, with the first half of 2014 generating more middle-market deals at higher prices, than the same periods in 2013 and 2012. Strong momentum during the fourth quarter of 2013 carried over into the new year, giving January a boost from deals not yet closed by year end, and making it the best month, with 216 completed transactions. So far, 2014 has brought a total of 1,057 deals valued at $137.9 billion, a significant increase over the 996 to the deals in 2013 and 1,023 in 2012.


Unsolicited Acquisition Offer? Turn to an M&A Advisor

It is a scenario the M&A advisors at Doeren Mayhew Capital Advisors see often – a buyer has approached you with what sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime offer on the purchase of your business. Or, perhaps it’s a lowball, “tire kicker” offer, and you are not sure how to respond. Unsolicited acquisition offers are fairly common, and some represent excellent opportunities, but caution is certainly warranted. Anyone might approach you, and if your company is not already on the market, you probably are not in the position to screen buyers or evaluate offers.


Normalizing Makes Your Company More Attractive to Potential Buyers

Playwright Oscar Wilde observed that “only shallow people don’t judge by appearance.” This facetious remark is actually quite valid when it comes to the sale of a business. The appearance of your company — particularly the presentation of your financial statements — can very well determine whether you receive a fair market price. Often, the financial statements of small and mid-sized businesses misrepresent a company’s profitability because various accounting methods are used to reduce income and minimize taxes. Also, owners and family members may receive compensation and other perks that cut into reported profitability. An M&A advisor will therefore usually recommend “normalizing” or adjusting financials when you prepare your business for sale.


3 Steps to Prepare Your Business for an Acquisition

If an acquisition is one of your growth objectives in the new year, are you taking the right steps to ensure your business is prepared? Not only is it important to consider how an acquisition will help meet your overall business goals – which should always be discussed during the strategic planning process – but proper planning is also a key factor to ensure a successful transaction. Consider these three key steps to help prepare your business for a buy-side transaction.