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M&A in the New Tax Environment

While the impact of recent tax reform on the mergers and acquisitions market remains largely to be seen, it is expected to affect a multitude of factors in the sale of a business, from valuations, to negotiations, to how deals are structured.


6 Considerations for a More Saleable Business

The right time to sell a business depends on a variety of factors, from the owner’s personal readiness, to outside macroeconomic conditions, to a host of considerations within the business. Too often, the investment bankers at Doeren Mayhew Capital Advisors see unprepared businesses entering the sale process because of unexpected events such as a partner dispute or an owner’s death that may result in less value for the company. While entrepreneurs cannot control market conditions, by understanding what makes a business saleable, they can be better prepared for sale due to an unexpected event or even to capitalize when the market is right. Doeren Mayhew shares six ideas to consider.


Establishing a Foundation for Strategic Acquisitions

Growth through acquisition is a strategy companies use to accomplish growth objectives at a faster pace in an effort to secure their position in a highly competitive and global market place. Acquisitions, especially in fragmented markets, are a viable option for companies to gain market share, increase product/service breadth and/or depth, grow their workforce, attain new technologies or expertise, expand geographically and diversify their customer base. If you’re contemplating acquisitions as a part of your company’s growth strategy, you and your management team should keep in mind four key considerations for establishing a solid transactional foundation.


Seller Errors: Expensive Missteps to Avoid

Business owners selling their company often make serious missteps along the way that can result in less cash from sale, if the deal gets closed at all. Selling successfully requires extensive advance preparation and strategizing to ensure the company shines brightly when it is shown to the marketplace. Moreover, finding the right universe of potential buyers can be essential to producing not only the highest valuation, but also the best fit for the company and the employees. The investment bankers at Doeren Mayhew Capital Advisors share some of the most expensive seller mistakes to avoid.


Mailhes Shares M&A Insight on STA Money Hour Radio Show

Houston Shareholder Jennifer Mailhes was recently a guest on STA Money Hour’s radio show “Financial Planning Friday,” where she discussed the firm’s upcoming M&A Insight event and more with host Scott Bishop. During this radio segment, Mailhes and Bishop also shared insight into many areas business owners often face in creating their optimal exit strategies and succession plan, and offered thoughts to help overcome them.