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3 Strategic Alternatives for Your Business

[caption id="attachment_1127" align="alignleft" width="175"] By Jennifer Mailhes, Managing Director[/caption] At any given point, a business basically has three strategic alternatives to consider – pursuing growth, restructuring to bring in more cash or selling the business – each has its own risks and rewards for the owner to consider: 1. Strategic Growth Plan Entrepreneurs can look to accelerate growth organically or through an acquisition. Whichever path, executing on a growth plan typically requires putting more risk into the business to achieve a higher value. Organic growth means leveraging the balance sheet to invest in new products, services or market strategies. For example, take a client ...


M&A in the New Tax Environment

While the impact of tax reform on the mergers and acquisitions market remains largely to be seen, it is expected to affect a multitude of factors in the sale of a business, from valuations, to negotiations, to how deals are structured. Doeren Mayhew Capital Advisors recently gathered a panel of experts to weigh in on the topic at our 10th annual M&A Insight discussion. The good news: Sellers are emerging as the likely winners. But the complexities created by the new law make planning for your sale more important than ever. Read on for emerging trends, expectations and key takeaways. Changes & Trends ...